Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


  • Setting to show text on cart/checkout page is removed from Display & Position. Now you can adjust it in each rule setup, allowing customization all in one place.
  • With rules management table, you can quickly adjust show/hide in cart/checkout and control status of each rule whether active or inactive by each rule or in bulk.
  • The setup of specific rules for products/collections/vendors is now consistent across estimate types with similar setup flow and rules management table, allowing seamless user experience
  • Set up the date range direction and icon for the timeline graphic
  • More timer formats by days, hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Option to show the timer after the cut-off time and timer calculation methods
When setting up the estimated text on the cart/checkout page by rule, you can choose to use Message Text right away or customize another text.
  • Change icon color and text color individually
  • Set transparent for background and border
Customize the estimated text on the cart/checkout page by rules, both general rules and specific rules.